7/15, 7/16 and 7/17/2016 Arts in the Park, Kalispell, MT

18 Jul


This was the 14th year for Linda and I doing sound and me playing at this fantastic art fair. We met an older couple from Texas that had a vendor booth selling really cool painted tiles. They said, “We’ve been doing this for 19 years and this art fair has the best music and the best sound of anywhere we’ve been.” This was a great lineup for music this year and I enjoyed being a part of it and of course playing. We had a rainy day on Friday but it didn’t stop the show. A clear plastic shower curtain on top of our board (no tent) and plastic on top of the speakers and no problems. It was nice to not be roasting in the heat, I loved it. The summers used to be cool and sometimes rainy here in MT five years ago – like old times.


7/1/2016 PiggyBack BBQ, Whitefish, MT

2 Jul


I always love playing on this outdoor stage when the weather is great and it was tonight. We always get beef brisket and fried okra before I play and we probably will next time as well. There was a great crowd here tonight and I had a great time playing. The owner said that “you never know what this guy is gonna play next, I really like it” referring to my playing acoustic and electric, jumping from folk to reggae to rock, originals and covers. I do love changing it up as it keeps it interesting for me and the crowd and I love all kinds of music.

6/24/2016 and 6/25/2016 TommyKnockers, Philipsburg, MT

26 Jun

244 miles from home, a four hour drive but we were glad we made the journey to play at this lively town. A small town but everybody comes out and a bunch of tourists as well. We didn’t want to pay for a motel so we set up our tent in the yard of the bar manager and it was like old times when I used to tour around quite a bit. Slept pretty well despite there being a duck in the yard that got loud at times. I might have dreamt it, but I am pretty sure that it landed on our tent in the wee pre dawn hours of the morning. Played Friday night and then we had all day Saturday to be tourists in the town and sit in TommyKnockers and eat and drink and watch Portugal play soccer and the US as well after that. Then i played again Saturday night. My life is a working vacation for sure – lots of work but lots of down time and relaxing and playing as well, I love being a musician. Met some really interesting people in this town, a few New Yorkers and people from all over. I love Montana!

6/17/2016 HA Brewery, Eureka, MT

18 Jun

The second closest gig in my time as a musician – a 5 minute commute. I didn’t forget any essential cables or gear, but this would be the gig to do that on. A perfect day, lots of people outside and some inside as well. We set up the speakers so people in the other room could hear me. It’s kind of strange to have people who are in a other room or outside and can’t see me and I can’t see them clapping for me, I liked it, a change of pace. I had a great night!

6/15/2016 Downtown Farmer’s Market, Eureka, MT

16 Jun


It’s been raining so much and on the cool side this spring but I got a perfect day for playing outside at the Farmer’s market. The market continues to grow every year and I saw more vendors and more faces out and about. After being in the recording studio for months it is nice to be out playing live again.

5/21/2016 LCHS Auditorium“Only Love” CD Release Concert, Eureka, MT

22 May

Why is it that we only seem to really finish and get things done with a deadline? Well, I was still mixing and mastering my new release the night before the release concert. Work seems to expand to fit the time available. I made it though and it was a fun concert at the really nice auditorium in Eureka. Linda doing sound and projecting visuals on the big screen behind me. Sometimes it is more difficult to play for people you know than strangers, it is more intimate somehow. It was fun preparing for a full on concert with no alcohol or food or people talking like at a festival, bar, party or restaurant gig. I had people’s undivided attention and that is a great honor and responsibility and one that I would like to continue to prepare for and master. I am excited about my musical future. Thanks to everyone who attended!

8/6/15 PiggyBack BBQ, Whitefish, MT

7 Aug

I never know if I am more excited to play here on the outdoor stage or eat the fantastic BBQ. Actually, I am always excited to do both things. This was a great night, I brought it all, acoustic and electric, 3 amps and pa system, the whole shebang and the crowd was great tonight and I actually sold a few cd’s like I used to do before streaming became the thing. I am feeling refreshed and renewed and super excited about playing live music again even with all the packing unpacking etc. I was just doing too many, too close together. I am really enjoying spacing out my shows more and really looking forward to each and every one. Now it’s back to the recording studio for me and my gear, but I can’t wait to schedule more live shows soon, once I am done.