12/2/2017 HollyFaire, Eureka, MT

3 Dec

I played to the crowd and got some feet stomping with a few bluegrass tunes that I don’t usually play. A fun day.


8/5/2017 Poverty Creek Festival, Rexford, MT

6 Aug

Perfect weather for some music outside. We do sound for this as well and it is a real treat to play through our large sound system. I love what subwoofers can do for an acoustic guitar.

7/23/2017 HA Brewery, Eureka, MT

24 Jul

This one was a loud and very fun evening!

7/14 and 7/16/2017 Arts in the Park, Kalispell, MT

17 Jul

Another year has flown by… I’ve been playing this great event for almost a decade and a half. Lots of familiar faces and foods and crafts. I always have a great time playing this one but like Bilbo Baggins, I have been feeling ready for a change. It might be time to play outside of the shire soon.

5/28/2017 HA Brewery, Eureka, MT

29 May

This turned into a nice, mellow and intimate show instead of the usual loud and crowded room that I have played to in the past. A fun evening.

7/22/2016 HA Brewery, Eureka, MT

23 Jul

Back at the HA again this time the room I was playing in was loud and full of people talking because the weather was a bit iffy. I had a great night and HA was packed full of people. It gets a bit loud when there are so many people but despite ringing ears at the end of the night I was happy.

7/15, 7/16 and 7/17/2016 Arts in the Park, Kalispell, MT

18 Jul


This was the 14th year for Linda and I doing sound and me playing at this fantastic art fair. We met an older couple from Texas that had a vendor booth selling really cool painted tiles. They said, “We’ve been doing this for 19 years and this art fair has the best music and the best sound of anywhere we’ve been.” This was a great lineup for music this year and I enjoyed being a part of it and of course playing. We had a rainy day on Friday but it didn’t stop the show. A clear plastic shower curtain on top of our board (no tent) and plastic on top of the speakers and no problems. It was nice to not be roasting in the heat, I loved it. The summers used to be cool and sometimes rainy here in MT five years ago – like old times.