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8/17/2019 Trapper’s, Eureka, MT

18 Aug

The weather report at called for no chance of rain but after getting all set up, it did get windy and rain a bit. So we pulled down the speakers etc out of the rain and set up everything on the stage protected from the rain but kind of a bass trap as well. Put me into a bit of a negative mood, but after a late start my mood changed to happy again after playing a few songs. It got a bit chilly tonight and they started a fire to hang out by which of course blew smoke at me, but it was another fun evening of music with a diverse crowd, a good time.

8/10/2019 Trego Pub, Trego, MT

11 Aug

Being a musician means making plans to play somewhere months in advance if you want to get on the calendar of the venue. I was trying to fill up my calendar this springtime and decided to give this small place a shot and I am glad that I did. I started out playing outside on the deck which was nice, but a thunderstorm came and so I packed everything up and moved inside. No main speakers necessary, just a monitor, it was a very intimate room. In a small room like that it can be heaven or hell. If the crowd doesn’t love what you are playing, it is kind of awkward and uncomfortable. That has happened to me a few times playing around the world. A crowd that loves country music doesn’t always like what I do. That said, this was a crowd that was on my wavelength and requested songs that I do know and I had a great evening. Connection, it is great when it happens.

8/9/2019 Trapper’s, Eureka, MT

10 Aug

Linda and I saw Larry Meyers, from Iowa, play here a few weeks ago and it was a great evening, a warm summer night with a seasoned guitarist/singer playing great songs, a really excellent musician. So I talked to the owner and got myself a show here at Trapper’s and I am super glad that I did. A great outdoor stage with a grassy beer garden and people eating and drinking and singing along with me at times when I played a cover they liked. I had a great night.

8/4/2019 HA Brewery, Eureka, MT

5 Aug

Warm summer evening, beer, tourists, food and me playing a few sets of music with a very stripped down rig. The owners fo the brewery don’t want it too loud as it often gets with musicians and sound gear, so no power on stage allowed. But in order to be heard at all above the din of clinking glasses and conversation, some form of battery powered amplification was necessary. So I brought a solar panel and a car battery and an inverter to run my minimalist rig, one small speaker and a small board, no looper, no saxophone, no solos, just songs. It was pretty loud out there in the beer garden tonight and so it was a bit frustrating for me, hard to reach the ears of people past the first few rows. Oh well, every night is different.