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7/20/2019 Wilderness Club, Eureka, MT

22 Jul

Back here again but this time at the Grille, outside. Had some good conversations with some English guys living in Canada about Brexit and such. I had a good time playing for some people, but not too many people out at this venue which is why they ended up cancelling all of their future summer shows.

7/12/2019 and 7/14/2019 Arts In The Park, Kalispell, MT

16 Jul

Another year gone by and here we are again at this great event. This year we had friends from Spain staying with us for a few weeks and so we were sleep deprived. I have the musician’s curse of often getting new gear and I got to use it this year playing on our big sound system so that was fun for me. I still really enjoy this 3 day gig even after so many years of doing it and the hour plus commute each way.

7/6/2019 Mt. Marston Biker Rally, Jerry’s, Fortine, MT

7 Jul

Jerry’s has gotten a bit more uptown with a fantastic new deck and covered stage for live music. Perfect weather for playing and hanging on the deck drinking and listening to live music. I did a 90 minute set for a very appreciative crowd, great time.

7/1/2019 Wilderness Club, Eureka, MT

2 Jul

I had responded to a Facebook post for a venue looking for musicians about a month ago and then finally heard back from them and got a show here for a Canada Day BBQ celebration by the pool. We loaded up a golf cart with my gear and made two trips to move it into the pool area. Golf cart or Gator load ins are always a sign of a unique evening a bit different than most gigs. I had a great time playing by the pool for Canadians on holiday.