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7/27/2018 Laughing Horse Lodge, Swan Lake, MT

28 Jul

I used to play here years ago at least once or twice a year but it’s been at least five years since the last time. Amazing food and drink in a sophisticated intimate atmosphere. I played outside in the courtyard after a great dinner. It threatened to pour down rain but it did not and I had a great time playing for an all tourist dinner crowd and of course, for Linda… I still play an occasional show when she is not there but she usually is and it wouldn’t be the same without her.

7/25/2018 Eureka Farmer’s Market, Eureka, MT

26 Jul

Nice and hot in the upper nineties and yes I did work up a sweat before playing and during and after. I love playing at farmer’s markets, outside, with all kinds of people walking by and hanging. A good time.

7/13 and 7/15/2018 Arts in the Park, Kalispell, MT

16 Jul

It’s been fifteen or sixteen years doing sound and playing at this fine artistic event. This time we bought a digital antennae and got there way earlier than usual to set up a cheap tv so we could watch France win the World Cup before we had to get busy. We forgot the tv when we were packing up in a hurry to get home to our hungry imprisoned dogs and we got a phone call a day later from the Hockaday asking us if we left our tv. Pretty amazing that nobody grabbed it, I love Montana.