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5/21/2016 LCHS Auditorium“Only Love” CD Release Concert, Eureka, MT

22 May

Why is it that we only seem to really finish and get things done with a deadline? Well, I was still mixing and mastering my new release the night before the release concert. Work seems to expand to fit the time available. I made it though and it was a fun concert at the really nice auditorium in Eureka. Linda doing sound and projecting visuals on the big screen behind me. Sometimes it is more difficult to play for people you know than strangers, it is more intimate somehow. It was fun preparing for a full on concert with no alcohol or food or people talking like at a festival, bar, party or restaurant gig. I had people’s undivided attention and that is a great honor and responsibility and one that I would like to continue to prepare for and master. I am excited about my musical future. Thanks to everyone who attended!