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7/25/15 Party at Mariner’s Haven, Rexford, MT

26 Jul

I played a solo set here at this great scene with a bunch of great people and also sat in on saxophone with Doug and Cal and friends. It was raining tonight so the party got moved from the fancy stage to the waterproof garage but it was a really fun evening and I had a great time. The rain stopped and people set up chairs in the driveway and really listened to the music and got into it, like people used to do before all the technology. It felt like traveling in time back to the 80’s or 90’s, I loved it.

7/17/15 – 7/19/15 Arts in the Park, Kalispell, MT

20 Jul


This was our 13th year of doing sound for this great event. Time does fly and it seems like it continues to fly even faster these days, in the digital age. In the last post I mentioned that I was rethinking about how I want to make music after being a musician and sound engineer for the last 18 years or so. Well, doing sound means even more lifting and more gear to set up and break down and you do it all day and you set up and run cables for other musicians. I am a sound engineer second, but first I am a musician. I ended up doing sound because there was a demand for it and it helped pay the bills and I loved learning how to mix a band well and make them sound good. I loved how doing sound made me grow as a musician who now understands knobs and speakers and effects and eq and etc. I have often questioned if I should leave doing sound behind and just focus on playing, but Linda and I had a great time this year and we were even offered a raise for next year. So I think we will still do sound for the events, like this one, that we really enjoy.

7/4/15 Party at Mariner’s Haven, Rexford, MT

5 Jul


I was looking at my past shows blog and noticed that in July of 2013, in the space of two weeks, I had ten gigs. Here I am in 2015 and this is my first past show post and it is already July. After being a professional musician (with a few side jobs from time to time, but no day job) for the last 18 years or so, I have been feeling the need to scale back on my live shows. I got a bit tired of all the driving, packing and unpacking and loading and unloading, setting up and then breaking down and then driving home late at night, usually, and eating at 3am because I am starving and then being foggy the next morning. I have always loved the playing part, and still do, I just needed a break to think about exactly how and where I want to make music. For the last year, I have still done some gigs but also worked in the forest to make some money and didn’t focus on music as much this past year.

This party was a fantastic reentry into playing live. As I was packing up and setting up in the 100 degree heat, I remembered why I needed a break. Once I was all set up, I changed my shirt and had a beer and then played for a fantastic and very appreciative group of people. They had a great time and danced and let me know they loved the music and even got me to play Wagon Wheel with them all singing along at the end of the night. I had a great time and remembered why I chose to be a musician and why a great gig is totally worth all the packing and loading and driving and etc., it was a great night. I love what I do!