7/26/14. PiggyBack BBQ, Whitefish, MT

27 Jul

Our car was vibrating on the highway so we pulled over and the lug nuts were loose on one of our tires. Problem solved, we hurried down to Whitefish to set up and tune up and eat some amazing barbecue and fried okra and relax for a few minutes before playing. Absolutely perfect dry, hot weather; hot but not too hot. A great crowd outside that actually requested my originals instead of “Freebird.” Kidding, nobody really requests that. They often say it, but we all know that is a joke. The request, not the song. Someone did seriously request some Skynard at the Biker rally and I did play them “Simple Kind of Man.” This was a super fun evening. I have been thinking about just getting off of Facebook but posting my show did bring some people out that wouldn’t have come otherwise and so I have to admit that FB still has value even though most of it seems like a giant waste of time to me.

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