7/18/14, 7/19/14, and 7/20/14. Arts in the Park, Kalispell, MT

21 Jul

Linda and I have loved doing this event and this was our twelfth year doing the sound all day for three days for almost twenty performers. I played two days as well. It is almost like a real 9 to 5 job for us except that it is almost more real. An hour and fifteen commute each way and eleven hours at the park with lots of heavy lifting. We get a bit sleep deprived but it’s worth it.

Our sound gear is getting old and there some ghosts in the machines that we had to deal with, but our gear made it without any major issues and the weather was great except for a bit of rain the last day. We tarped everything and got a bit wet but our gear stayed pretty dry and then it stopped and we dried out. I found some giant cream cheese frosted cinnamon rolls to have with our morning coffee and eating it was like taking a psychedelic drug – it was so big and delicious and it made me so happy. The worst part of this event is at the very end when they pump out the port potties while we are packing up and we have to smell that smell. Nasty.

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