7/12/14. Mt. Marston Biker Rally at Jerry’s Saloon, Fortine, MT

15 Jul

Another hot and sunny day and this time there was no shade. Linda had to set up a shelter for Sam (playing drums) and I. We were going to get there early and set up early and be all prepared to shoot video with good audio but the World Cup was on and we had to watch the first half and so we rushed a bit to be ready in time, I hate that, rushing that is. It happens more often than I would like. Playing with Sam for two hours was amazing. I play solo most gigs because I can make more money that way, but what a great pleasure to play with a great drummer. It felt like I was being played, effortless. I would turn and stare at my guitar amp as if something else was producing the sound. I was the one playing, but it felt so much easier than playing alone, the drums driving me along, that I wasn’t sure it was me at times. I remember saying, “I don’t ever want to play alone again.” Well, the women’s mud wrestling was supposed to start at 6pm but it didn’t start until almost 9pm. I played solo for another three hours. Time flew by quickly, though, I didn’t realize that I had been playing for five hours until I was all done and then I realized how tired and hungry and thirsty I was. A great time.

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