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6/28/14. Hawaii 5/0/50 Party, Eureka, MT

29 Jun


Another big party in Eureka. The stage was the porch of the house. A great crowd of people with lots of food and drink and Hawaiian shirts and two other musical acts – a fun evening.

6/21/14. Abayance Bay Grand Opening, Rexford, MT

22 Jun

A super hot and sunny day in June. Overlooking the reservoir I played on a beautiful stage done up with large timbers, Montana style. It was so hot I wasn’t sure lots of people would show up but they did and I was glad that I turned down the offer to play a wedding today despite having doubts at first. I played without a monitor which can be a challenge but it was outside and I could hear myself through the mains well enough. I got to hear The Little Smokies play some bluegrass music and caught up with some old friends.