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9/28/13. Thirty Year Anniversary Party for the Glacier Institute, Big Creek Campground

29 Sep

My last outdoor gig of the season and it wasn’t ideal weather but I didn’t
get soaked either. In the ’40’s again and slight drizzle that never turned
into rain until after the party. I really had a great time playing as
people were really into the music I played and let me know it. I’d say it
was a very positive feedback loop.

9/22/13. Wedding at Stillwater Landing, Olney, MT

23 Sep

I don’t always write about weddings in my blog, but this was such a simple
yet classy wedding ceremony that I want to remember it. I played acoustic
guitar and nothing else, no saxophone, no singing. This was at a beautiful
spot right by the river and was very intimate and well, classy. It was in
the ’40’s but it didn’t rain and my guitar stayed in tune.

9/5/13. Piggy Back BBQ, Whitefish, MT

6 Sep

I always enjoy playing here and the BBQ is fantastic. A belly full or BBQ
beef and beer and fried okra (so good) made me a little sluggish for the
first set and I kept thinking about our couch at home and being on it, but
my energy picked up for the second set and I had a fine time.

9/4/13. Open Mic at the Craggy Range, Whitefish, MT

5 Sep

Linda and I have been hosting Open Mic at the Craggy Range for just under
three years (November 5th would be our three year anniversary) and we have
totally enjoyed it. It has been a great gig, a fantastic gig that has kept
us off the road and given us the chance to play and jam and hear great
music almost every single Wednesday right here in Whitefish, Montana.
There have been some great players and some great jams and some great
times and we definitely will always have very fond memories of this phase
of our lives. The Craggy Range plans to start it back up again when ski
season starts in December and more people are out and about. This may or
may not happen, and we may or may not be involved with it – we are
definitely ready for the next phase of our musical careers, but it would
be hard to turn down the gig if we have our Wednesdays free, so we’ll see.
Anyway, we are very grateful to the Craggy for hiring us and for everybody
who came out and had fun with us over the last three years.