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7/27/13 Haskill Station Whitefish, MT

28 Jul

The car was still packed up from last night so i didn’t have to do my
normal load in, which was great. My musician fantasy is to have enough
gear and a vehicle JUST for gigs, and be able to leave it packed up all
the time. It would definitely save me hours of time and literally tons of
lifting and carrying. This is an intimate venue with great food and I
stuck to just acoustic guitar and had a great time. It wasn’t packed with
people like I’d hoped, but maybe next time.

7/26/13 Cafe Jax Eureka, MT

27 Jul

It’s been like 95 degrees for over a week now, I guess I’m getting used to
it. A sweaty load in and set up and then I changed my shirt after eating
and started to play. What with digesting my burger and the heat, I
couldn’t help thinking about being at home on the couch… but a few songs
into it I was into playing. Good crowd here again tonight. I am always
thankful for people who are thankful for good live music. Weirdest moment
of the evening was when a guy told me he “used to play drums at age 7 and
now he was old at __.” He called me “young man.” The weird part is that I
am actually one year older than him, though to look at us you’d never
believe that in a million years. This was a great night.

7/23/13 Downtown Farmer’s Market Whitefish, MT

24 Jul

So hot again today, but at least it was dry. Got caught in road
construction traffic for like 15 minutes – this place is turning into a
city in the summer. There were tons of people at the market today and a
lot more vendors and booths, it is quite the scene. I had a great time
playing and stuck mainly to electric because the acoustic setting on my
effects pedal was freaking out and I still don’t know why, ah

7/19, 7/20, 7/21/13 Arts in the Park Kalispell, MT

22 Jul

So, I looked at my past shows blog and this is the 11th year for Linda and
I doing sound and me performing at this great art fair. They changed up
the music schedule quite a bit and added a beer and wine garden which gave
this year a slightly different vibe. We had our soundboard in the shade
the whole time which was a good thing. I had the worst “Mexican” food I
have ever eaten. I don’t know how you can screw up rice. Or beans. We did
3 days of commuting just over an hour each way to get to our “job.” Well,
our gig, it’s a job for sure and a lot of work, but it is musical, so it’s
a gig. We feel very lucky to make our living making music and doing sound
for other performers. It’s a pretty sweet lifestyle.

7/16/13 Stillwater Fish House Whitefish, MT

17 Jul

Got a call to play here on the patio and I was excited because it’s such a
great place to play. Perfect weather and a great appreciative crowd, a
perfect gig. This is part of a bunch events (trying not to overuse the
word ‘gig’) for Linda and I this summer. Eleven gigs (sorry) in two weeks,
it kinda makes up for how slow it can be in the winter around here.

7/13/13 Marston Biker Rally at Jerry’s Fortine, MT

14 Jul

I wasn’t sure how Sam on drums and I would go over at a biker rally, but
it went fine. I was sorry to have to pack up in a hurry to make it to the
next gig as there was women’s mud wrestling. Linda and I did sound for a
band from Denver called Photo Atlas and they definitely rocked, it was
great! I don’t write about sound gigs, usually, but they were definitely
the best band to come through Eureka ever, in my opinion.

7/6/13 Laughing Horse Lodge Swan Lake, MT

7 Jul

It’s a drive to get here for sure, but a pretty one. And it’s worth it to
be playing for people from all over and super gourmet food. I enjoyed
trying to keep it super mellow for the dinner crowd, not getting too loud
or energetic. At a bar gig it’s usually the opposite.
I had a great evening and I’ll be back here in August. I played here like
seven years ago, it was nice to be back.

7/5/13 Cafe Jax Eureka, MT

6 Jul

I have good memories of this evening. I had one of my best nights ever
here at Jax. I played pretty much as well as I am able, yes, but it was
the crowd. Sometimes there is magic in the air and tonight there was
magic. I guess it was just that there were enough people here that were
really into the music and really liked what I was playing and some were
Canadians, some were from France, some were Montanans. And Linda was
actually really moved by a song I played and I could see that as I was
playing. How lucky am I that I married a beautiful woman who not only
isn’t sick of hearing me play all the time, but actually still really
enjoys what I do. And helps me to make it happen, helps me load in and out
and runs sound for me and hangs out with me before and after and during
the show. I am feeling really grateful and happy as I type this.