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6/28/13 The Red Room Whitefish, MT

29 Jun

Road construction, the “always being late” musician disease, and temps in the 90’s made for a quick and sweaty load in, or load down, as it is a basement bar. We set up, I changed my shirt and toweled off, started drinking a drink and then started playing. This turned into a great night that kept getting better and better as I relaxed and warmed up. Playing in a bar, around 10:30pm is when I and everybody starts to get really loose and happy and the night gets really fun. I met tourists from all over the USA and got a few offers to maybe do some shows in other states which made me remember my years of touring and made me want to do it again, although to a lesser degree. I had a great time and I hope to play here again soon!

6/26/13 Farmer’s Market Eureka, MT

27 Jun

The market got rained out last week and it almost happened again today,
but it was just a few drops and the day turned out nice. It’s certainly
not the market up here that the one in Whitefish is, but hopefully it will
keep growing because it’s a good thing.

6/22/13 Cafe Jax Eureka, MT

23 Jun

A good crowd on the patio tonight and a few cowboy hat wearing people from Alberta so I played some of my more countryish tunes and they went over well. I don’t think I could have done that 10 years ago, but living in Montana has helped me embrace some alt country tunes that are a lot of fun to play.

6/15/13 The Village Roost Bigfork, MT

16 Jun

A long drive home at the end of the night so we got home at 4am and to sleep at 5am. I had a lot of fun playing here tonight despite it being really loud in the bar. Some rooms are just loud and could use some sound dampening tiles or whatever. Ringing ears at the end of the night and a renewed promise to myself NOT to eat at McDonald’s even when it’s the only food available at 3am. I got two dollar menu mcdoubles and they were so salty and horrible, but I ate them anyway because I was so hungry. Nasty.

6/8/13 Cafe Jax Eureka, MT

9 Jun

It’s been fun having pre gig discussions with Kale, an 8 year boy who’s dad is a cook and so he gets to hang out on the patio. He gets funnier and more animated when he drinks his sugary drinks and keeps Linda company while I play.