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10/19/12. Molly Brown’s, Trego, MT

20 Oct

Molly B’s is open again and I’m glad. A rainy night well spent eating
pizza and drinking beer indoors and playing music for the tobacco valley
people that came out tonight, life is good.

10/4/12. The Red Room, Whitefish, MT

5 Oct

I already said that I don’t usually post about playing with other people
on their gigs, but this was a lot of fun for me and I don’t want to forget
it. This is like my online gig journal and helps me remember. So I sat in
with ReBop, a local jazz trio (drums, bass and vibes) and it had been a
few years since I had played a jazz gig. It was fun to get my jazz chops
back (I didn’t get them all the way back, but good enough to play out) and
sit in with my tenor and alto. I had to just play by ear for a bunch of
the evening as they played quite a few tunes that I didn’t have the music
for or was in a different key than the music I had. That’s a bit harder to
pull off when playing jazz due to all the chord changes, but it went well
and I had a blast. A dark basement bar, martinis, an awesome laser light
that projected a blue night sky on the ceiling, a good crowd and live
music, yeah!