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8/31/12. Cafe Jax, Eureka, MT

31 Aug

I don’t usually post when I am helping other people out for their gigs,
but this was just Kelly West and me, so I will just say that it was fun to
play my saxes with her on this summer evening on the patio at Jax.

8/25/12. Cafe Jax, Eureka, MT

26 Aug

Another great night at Jax!

8/12/12. Duck Derby, Whitefish, MT

13 Aug

We did sound for this fundraiser by the river in Whitefish in the hot hot
sun. Sun so hot it could probably melt the solder off of some of our gear.
I got to open the event with a solo set and despite sweating like a pig,
this was a fun day.

8/10/12. Cafe Jax, Eureka, MT

11 Aug

Yet another fun night at Jax.

8/8/12. Eureka Farmer’s Market, Eureka, MT

9 Aug

I love that they have this event up in Eureka, now. I got a perfect day,
not too hot, and brought my own electricity (a battery and an inverter)
to power a little system. I kept it acoustic and upbeat and then packed up
in a hurry and cruised on down to Open Mic in Whitefish. A very musical
Wednesday for me here in MT.

8/5/12. Blondie’s, Bigfork, MT

6 Aug

A beautiful sunny cloudless and very hot day today. So beautiful that the
last thing you’d really want to do is be inside. This is a great little
martini bar/cafe – I’d love to come back and play in the Fall or Winter
when people are ready to party inside.

8/2/12. Piggyback BBQ, Whitefish, MT

3 Aug

I got in a good full set and part of another one and then the wind picked
up so intense that everyone rushed inside and Linda and I packed our stuff
up as fast as we could before the rain and lightning hit. It was a perfect
summer evening with people hanging, drinking, eating BBQ and listening to
me until the storm hit.