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6/8/12. Cafe Jax, Eureka, MT

9 Jun

Despite some beautiful 80 degree weather a few weeks ago, today was kinda chilly with rain clouds all around, so no patio. Sound is kinda intense inside, if someone drops a spoon it is LOUD, a really live room, so, I kept the volume low. Where I set up to play was super close to the tables, like two foot away which was a first for me. I had to be careful not to whack people in the head with my guitar when flipping it onto my back for a sax solo. The patio is set up way better for live music, but I had fun.

6/5/12. Downtown Farmer’s Market, Whitefish, MT

6 Jun

Well, it wasn’t the perfect day weather wise for a outdoor event, but despite cold hands and a grey sky, I still enjoyed playing for the people who did brave the weather. It wasn’t until my last song that lightning flashed and the rain started – so that’s kinda lucky in a way, although sunshine would have been truly lucky. I love this town and the farmer’s market rocks.