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12/3/2011. Belton Chalet, West Glacier, MT

4 Dec

The second gig of the day, I was super pleased that I didn’t lose my voice during this gig, either. I did later on, afterwards, but it didn’t matter then. Winter time is mellow at the Belton, it’s a super intimate room and there were some great people here tonight, all locals, no tourists.

12/3/2011. The Hollie Faire, Eureka, MT

4 Dec

I did a set here again this year for the vendors and shoppers. A super live room, so I had to hold back a bit, but it worked out perfectly cause I have had a flu/strepp thing of some kind where I lose my voice every night. Lots of ginger tea and cayenne pepper in warm water and menthol cough drops in between songs and I made it through.