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8/28/2011. The Raven, Bigfork, MT

28 Aug

This was a perfect 94 degree sunny summer day in MT. I started playing at 4pm in the sun on the deck ten feet from the shore of Flathead Lake. I played in my bathing suit and everyone was pretty much in their bathing suits eating and drinking and chilling by the lake. I got to jump into the lake after every set as the sweat started to gush out of me. Perfect. A perfect gig, I felt like I was in the Caribbean or on some island somewhere. The night stayed warm even when the sun went down, boats came and went from the dock, I drank margaritas and had a great time.

8/27/2011. Cafe Jax, Eureka, MT

27 Aug

It was a fantastic night here at Cafe Jax – a warm summer evening and a good crowd out there on the patio. Someone requested that I play some peace and love songs, yeah! We could use a little Sixties’ energy in our world right now, I would say.

11/3/2010 through present. Hosting Open Mic at the Craggy Range, Whitefish, MT

18 Aug

It’s been 8 months that Linda and I have been hosting Open Mic and we are still having a blast doing it. Sometimes we miss touring, but it is great to have a weekly gig close to home and one that we look forward to doing every week. There are some very talented musicians here in northwestern Montana and some nights are really magical. We know we are super lucky to live in this beautiful part of the world where, despite it being pretty darn isolated and sparsely populated, the people who are here love music and having a good time.