Archive | August, 2010

8/20/10. Cafe Jax, Eureka, MT

20 Aug

We got one more hot summer evening for live music out on the deck in Eureka. I’m grateful for that because it’s been a pretty chilly summer here in Montana. I’m looking forward to playing here again next summer.

8/14/10. The Stonefly Lounge, Coram, MT

14 Aug

Great vibe to this place, some places just feel good, you know? It was a chill night, not a whole lot of people, but the people that were there were really into the music and those are always the best nights – when you make that connection. Hope to be back here soon, especially after they finish their new addition and bigger stage.

8/7/10. Crush Wine Bar Whitefish, MT

7 Aug

After the last gig with the trio being so noisy and loud, I was looking forward to a more chill evening at the Crush. Wrong – it was a high school reunion and super loud in there while we were setting up. We are still trying to get some good live video and we didn’t even want to set up the camera cause it was so loud. It did clear out a bit and turned into a good time. My only regret is that I didn’t hit the chocolate fountain before they took it away, oh well.

8/3/10. Whitefish Farmer’s Market, Whitefish, MT

3 Aug

This market just keeps growing and growing, lots of people out and about. Coming down from the woods and trying to find a parking spot it kinda feels like a city. This was a fun time, good weather and good people.