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7/23/10 – 7/25/10. Arts in the Park, Kalispell, MT

25 Jul

Our 7th or 8th year doing this event – we do the sound and I play each day as well. I really really appreciated being a part of it this year and am very grateful to be able to… Having had my arm broken has renewed my gratitude for being able to be a musician/sound engineer. Everything old is new again! This was a great event this year and I’m already looking forward to next year. It is an interesting way to mark the passage of time, these annual events where you see a lot of the same people that you haven’t seen for the whole year. Life is good.

7/17/10. Cafe Jax, Eureka, MT

17 Jul

A hot summer evening in Eureka out on the patio/deck. It felt like somewhere kinda tropical. This was a great evening at Eureka’s newest live music venue. It’ so nice to be playing a gig so close to home, I love it.

7/8/10. Craggy Range, Whitefish, MT

8 Jul

This was another night with the trio – Vinnie on drums and Eric on Bass and 8 string guitar. Linda used the video projector at the Craggy and put awesome visuals on the walls… Lots of bizarre and psychedelic imagery. Cats boxing, orcas floating around the bar, mandalas and robots and…. very cool. Pretty good turnout for a Thursday night in the Fish. Kelly West killed it as the opener – playing hi hat and kick drum while singing and playing guitar.