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6/26/10. Cafe Jax, Eureka, MT

26 Jun

Savannah did a great job creating an awesome atmosphere for music and dining and drinking and hanging. This was the second night ever of live music here and I’d say it should keep on going – Eureka needs this! I had a great time playing.

6/19/10. Grand Central, Fernie, BC

19 Jun

Shred Kelly recorded 7 of their 11 song CD with us at Strawbale Studio and invited me to open for them at their CD release party. This was a kick ass night! I had a blast playing to 150 people or so. Even though I was playing solo, people were dancing and rocking out with me – Fernie Rocks!! The rest of the evening was a great time as well, stayed up all night walking to different people’s houses and then we played guitar outside until the sun rose with some great Fernie folks and most of Shred Kelly.