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8/22/09. Whitefish Community Fair Whitefish, MT

22 Aug

Our first gig with Coffee and Cream (our puppies) along for the day. It was super hot on the metal stage, you could have made a grilled cheese or fried an egg on it by the time I was scheduled to play, so I played down low on the curb. A bit too mellow today, but hopefully next year will be a bit more well attended.

9/19/09 SalmonFest Eureka, MT

19 Aug

Yeah, that’s right, a little festival right here in Eureka! Hopefully this one will grow and keep going. I had fun playing before the rain and wind ended the fest a bit short. Coffee and Cream once again attended the show and barked a lot at a smallish stuffed grizzly bear. We need more things going on in Eureka like this…