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7/24/09, 7/25/09 and 7/26/09. Arts in the Park Kalispell, MT

26 Jul

This was the smoothest year ever in terms of power struggles, yes the vendors often squabble a bit over the right to electricity… But there was no incident whatsoever this year, and no one tried to unplug the sound system. It was fun playing as well as doing sound, I had a great time all three days and made some good trades on the last day right before a super intense rain storm with lightning was nice enough to wait until we were all packed up before drowning Kalispell.

7/14/09. Farmer’s Market Whitefish, MT

14 Jul

It was cold and rainy on the drive down, but then it cleared up and warmed up and was beautiful. I’m used to getting rained on or blown away by gale force winds when I play the market, but not this year. A great day with a good crowd – thanks to Jay for having me back and keeping the music going.