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8/23/08. Park Place Noon Concert, Sandpoint, ID

23 Aug

We didn’t get a whole lot of sleep, but just enough to be happy about a noon gig. A bit of Italian food for breakfast and I pulled onto the sidewalk to unload and fortunately back onto the street right before a cop car came by – man there are a lot of cops in this town. A mellow sidewalk show under a canopy and people hanging on benches or at tables. One homeless looking guy was jamming out while lying on a bench. After I stopped he said to me, “that was a nice daydream.” I guess it was.

8/22/08. Eickhardt’s, Sandpoint, ID

22 Aug

We set up our tent just outside town at a campground right next to a gas station and a driving range. It was nice to do that in the light instead of at 2 in the morning after the gig. This is definitely one of my favorite places to play. It was a good crowd tonight and a good feeling in the room. I had a great time and was happy that my fingers and voice were fine despite not playing for ahwile as I have been in summer construction mode for the past few months.

After the gig we walked around Sandpoint for awhile, seeing police everywhere, in cars and trucks and jeeps and on foot and on bicycle. Linda took some great late night pictures.