6/15/08. Wedding at Wapato Point Winery, Lake Chelan, WA

15 Jun

So we puttered along yesterday, taking our time and taking in Guitar Center and great Korean food for lunch. We had a little hippie fest on a patch of grass under a tree in the mall parking lot. Eric and I changed our strings with Vinnie sprawled out on the grass and it was great watching people driving by staring at us like we were from the 60’s or something. We hit a Mexican grocery store in Bridgeport that was great and a taco truck and found a campground that was super nice on the Columbia River, but super full, so we pressed on to Alta Lake. It was also full of hundreds of people camping, but there was enough space in this little city of tents and rvs for us. It is strange to “camp” amongst so many people and showers etc, but it was fun. We had a great conversation on politics and the world and how it could be better than it is. I think we came close to solving the world’s problems, but I’m not sure if we have the resources to put our new system into place. Maybe if we can sell a few more cd’s… We had to wake up at 7 am,way too early, thanks to the sun and people up and about and a big dog with a low bark that I believe enjoyed barking just to hear it echo all the way down to the lake.

The wedding went great. It got hot there under the desert sun, but we sweated and survived and people sweated and danced and we jumped in the lake (cold) afterwards. Congratulations Hillary and Rob!

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