5/8/08. Blacksheep Coffeehouse, Sioux Falls, SD

8 May

The Boys of the Queen Bee Mill opened the show tonight – really good bluegrass. I had a good time playing for a mostly college – aged crowd tonight. Played through the vintage sound system of the Boys of the Queen Bee Mill. We had a blast crashing at the Night Owl Cafe, which was really the living room of one of the guys in the band. Linda and I loved sitting on the couch with maybe 20 people crammed into the room. People kept coming and going, with beers in hand, on their way to wherever, just stopping by for a bit. Great conversations about biodiesel vehicles and one guy who apparently was some kind of mad genius and attached a jet engine, powered by biodiesel, to a Hummer filled with batteries in the back. He runs the engine for a few minutes and it quick charges the batteries which can then power the Hummer for around 400 miles between charges. It was nice to see people thinking and prepared to make their own cheap transportation rather than just paying what big oil is asking. Yeah, fight the power!

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