1/12/08. DG’s Tap House, Ames, Iowa

12 Jan

This was a great place. A college town in Iowa – as we were driving into town one of the first things we saw was a group of Japanese students and that made us happy. We ended up staying at a motel right next to a Mexican restaurant, something that is becoming a habit. At the bar we had to load in (and out) up a long flight of narrow stairs, a very dangerous affair at two in the morning if you’ve been drinking… The bar was large with a BIG stage – I love big stages. It was loud in there, there must have been three hundred people in there or so, having a good time. I love it when people dance when I’m playing, as a solo musician it doesn’t always happen and when it does I love it. I’ll be back here sometime pretty soon, I hope. Driving back home in MT after this we felt like we were on top of Mt. Everest – 60 mph winds or so blowing snow drifts into the highway. It was hard to even see the road, we almost drove off it a few times. A huge trailer behind a pickup truck had caught a gust of wind and actually flipped onto it’s side. We were stopped on the highway for 20 minutes watching them try and pull it back down. They had to park a big snowplow truck in front of it to block the wind first, crazy…

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