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1/25/2008. The Front Porch, Eureka, MT

25 Jan

After our tour to New York and back it is great to be back in Montana – it always is. This is a brand new coffeehouse/performance space/restaurant in thriving downtown Eureka. We’ve been hearing about the possibility of this place for over a year, now, and it was nice to walk into the finished product. A super nice place, a great room – it sounded great in there. It’s always fun to play for friends and familiar faces and some new ones as well. It was great to rock out for the first two sets and then by the third set, a change of pace and vibe as the evening became quite intimate. I look forward to the next time.

1/12/08. DG’s Tap House, Ames, Iowa

12 Jan

This was a great place. A college town in Iowa – as we were driving into town one of the first things we saw was a group of Japanese students and that made us happy. We ended up staying at a motel right next to a Mexican restaurant, something that is becoming a habit. At the bar we had to load in (and out) up a long flight of narrow stairs, a very dangerous affair at two in the morning if you’ve been drinking… The bar was large with a BIG stage – I love big stages. It was loud in there, there must have been three hundred people in there or so, having a good time. I love it when people dance when I’m playing, as a solo musician it doesn’t always happen and when it does I love it. I’ll be back here sometime pretty soon, I hope. Driving back home in MT after this we felt like we were on top of Mt. Everest – 60 mph winds or so blowing snow drifts into the highway. It was hard to even see the road, we almost drove off it a few times. A huge trailer behind a pickup truck had caught a gust of wind and actually flipped onto it’s side. We were stopped on the highway for 20 minutes watching them try and pull it back down. They had to park a big snowplow truck in front of it to block the wind first, crazy…

1/4/08. GW Tavern, Washington Depot, CT

4 Jan

The first journal entry of 2008. It is an interesting time to be alive and to be traveling around playing music. The future is now – we keep hearing about rfid chips on the radio and in print. No thank you, no – I’m not interested in having a chip installed into my arm, or injected via hypodermic needle. I can only see the downside of it. Tonight at the GW was not quite as lively as the other night, but still a lot of fun. Some old friends from my high school days came out tonight – thanks for making the drive!