Archive | December, 2007

12/22/07. GW Tavern, Washington Depot, CT

22 Dec

This was a great evening, one of those great gigs you don’t forget easily, even if you don’t write a journal entry about it. I didn’t expect there to be beautiful drunk women dancing to my tunes, taking off their shoes and the bartender coming over to tell them they had to put them on… We met some interesting people tonight, I’m looking forward to playing here again in a few weeks.

12/18/07. The Barking Spider Tavern, Cleveland, OH

18 Dec

I went to school for a year and a half not to far from here, it brought back college memories driving around looking for the club. We found it and I had a great time as the opening act. People here were great, I hope to play here all night soon.

12/15/07. Acoustic Cafe,Winona, MN

15 Dec

Driving out from MT has been as easy as it would have been in the summertime. The roads have been dry and perfect, it’s been cold, but no snow or ice, quite nice – but we did see a few cars that had gone off the interstate as well as two semis lying on their sides and a snow plow on its side. This is a college town and it’s great to be around a lot of young people. They are still alive, full of potential, fresh… I enjoyed this place, there was a political meeting going on before my show, people excited about the possibility of a change.