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8/17/07. Norris Hot Springs, Norris, MT

17 Aug

This place is great. It is like a 50 by 50 or so pool that they empty nightly and refill the next day full of hot spring water. We got here early and soaked for awhile. I’ve never been so relaxed before a show… As the sun went down the pool filled up with college kids drinking beers – a good time.

8/17/07. Jackson Hole Art Fair, Jackson Hole, WY

17 Aug

Driving down here from MT we closed the windows and the vents in the car because the air was full of smoke from all the fires burning. It’s been so dry and hot this year – we had 100 degree weather in June. Strangely enough, we drove through some pretty intense storms with heavy rain, lightning, and hail. It was very relaxing to drop down into Jackson with our new rig and no smoke coming from the brakes – a change from last year. It was fun to play the art fair again.

9/11/07. Whitefish Farmers Market, Whitefish, MT

11 Aug

This was the third year I played here. It’s nice to see the market growing year by year. More vendors spreading out into the park and more people. It was a beautiful day for an outdoor show, my parents were out in MT visiting and it was great to see them join the flow of people milling around. Something happened to my saxophone microphone preamp so that it was acting funny, possibly because I let a couple plug their power cord into my power strip so that they could warm up their tamales that they were selling. I do love tamales.