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7/20,21&22/07. Arts in the Park, Kalispell, MT

22 Jul

I’m not sure how many years it has been that we have been doing sound here and that I have been playing, 4 maybe? It is a great art fair, really well set up and a good vibe. The music is in the center so the whole fair, almost, can hear it. I had a good time playing this year with a stripped down rig – minimal but tasty.

7/13/07. Pend Oreille Winery, Sandpoint, ID

13 Jul

A very sedate gig this time, didn’t want to play anything too upbeat, the mood was relaxed to say the least. I enjoyed it.

7/13/07. Eickhardt’s, Sandpoint, ID

13 Jul

I’ve never had a bad night here at Eickhardt’s – it’s a great place. This was a mellow evening but a good one. It was great to have some friends come out tonight – they made the evening. Some interesting closing time conversations as we were loading the car…

7/6/07. Molly Brown’s Trego, MT

6 Jul

Yes!!! Yes, what a great night this was. It was even better than the last great night we had here. A really good turnout of people, maybe 75 to 100? It was 100 degrees plus today, super hot, but dry, not humid. The dry is better for us humans, but worse for my guitars. My main guitar kept changing it’s tuning and volume level for the first set until the evening cooled down. It’s so great to have all your friends come out to see you play and a bunch of new faces as well, right here in Trego, MT – an urban moment (because of the diversity of the people there) in a rural place. There was a great vibe to the evening, during my breaks some other musicians got up and played a few songs, Linda kept the evening flowing with her ipod DJ skills… Good food, good drinks, good people, good music… yeah!