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1/23/07. Dave and Keiko’s House, Spearfish, SD

23 Jan

I normally only write about shows that were paying gigs in this here past shows journal, but I had a really good time playing for a few people at Dave and Keiko’s house and I want to remember it. This was just an unplugged acoustic guitar and me and a small but most excellent audience, I’d definitely like to play more house concerts like this one.

1/20/07. The Yardarm Bar and Grille, Racine, WI

20 Jan

We drove through Racine, an interesting looking place and were surprised to pull up near a bunch of sailboats. It looked like the ocean. The Yardarm has french fries called sand dollars and lots of fish etc, so it was very oceanesque, if that’s a word. This was a great place to play, lively and warm, with an appreciative crowd. When people dance at a solo show, you know you’re in a good place. Wisconsin definitely feels different than other places in the midwest – friendlier, warmer, more fun, whatever…. we liked it a lot.

1/19/07. Hogan Brothers Coffeehouse, Northfield, MN

19 Jan

Northfield is a good town, 2 colleges here and like 4 or 5 coffeeshops on the main street. We didn’t go into the other ones, but this was a good one. Cute little stage with a sofa on it, and high backed booths, so I couldn’t actually see most of the people that I was playing for.

1/18/07. Normandale Community College, Bloomington, MN

18 Jan

So we got up at 5:30 am this morning, after a few hours of sleep in the presidential (and comfortable) bed. Armed with french bread and muffins we drove to Minneapolis before the sun rose. I played in the cafeteria, it felt like being in school again – got lunch on a tray…

1/17/07. Amazing Grace Bakery, Duluth, MN

17 Jan

We made it up to the north here without any problems, a little snow, a lot of rain, but no major delays. Duluth is a very unusual city – it kinda looks like somewhere in eastern Europe, like Poland, or Romania. I haven’t been to those countries, but from photos and films I have seen that’s what I’d compare it to. There are lots of bridges and factories, and the buildings are kinda funky, it’s not like any other town in the US that I can recall. Not a huge amount of people here tonight, but not too bad either, for a wednesday night. A lot of great musicians have played here, there were lots of their press photos on the walls to look at. Great bread, and food here. Food is so good when it is good. We had stopped to get a steak at a truck stop in Iowa, and you know, it kept us going, it was alright. But here, it was GOOD. Linda and I are ready to be cooking our own good food again after this little tour is over… We spent the night with some fine people in their home and slept in a bed that a few presidents ( Chester A. Arthur , ? and ? I forgot already) had slept in, it was from upstate new york, some place where presidents went for retreats.

1/13/07. Backstage Cafe, Elizabethtown, KY

13 Jan

It’s raining down here in the south, rivers are overflowing, houses are being flooded, cars washing away. Well, not here in Etown, but we have passed near some areas on our way up from Florida. It feels like we keep missing interstate closures and ice and freezing rain and snow and heavy rain and a few hours after we passed through Louisville, we saw on the news, from a a motel in Indiana, that a train had derailed and some unknown chemicals that the train cars were carrying had caught on fire and so much black smoke was in the area that schools were being evacuated and planes were being re routed etc etc. We keep watching the weather channel to plan our route, adding extra miles to avoid being caught in the middle of something. It was a fun evening at the Backstage Cafe – a very intimate evening here with some great people. We hope to play here again when we pass through in the future.