08/18/06. Art Fair, Jackson Hole, WY

18 Aug

A nice 10 hour drive down here, it was nice to see the desert again. We ate at a Sonic -southwestern fast food chai- so Linda was psyched as her past is full of Sonic goodness. We spent the night in a campground -Jackson motels are damn expensive and all booked up- and didn’t sleep at all, the highway was nearby and someone was snoring pretty darn loud. We are so used to the quiet of the Montana forest that loud audio keeps us awake. The art fair was fun, although it wasn’t set up as well as the Kalispell one. In Jackson, the music stage is on the outskirts of all the booths, so you get way less people coming by to listen than you should. In Kalispell, the stage is in the center, so everyone at all the booths can hear. We have some video of our smoking brakes as we descended into the Hole. We had to stop and let them cool before continuing, a super steep road. Yes, we were slightly concerned about dying a brakeless death, but we made it okay. We decided to leave right after the gig and drive home ( we got home at 4:30 am) cause we weren’t sure how many good brakings we might have left and it’s way easier to drive at night with less traffic. I think I used the brakes like 5 times on the way back, in 600 miles – of course most of that was interstate. I would downshift and take squealing turns rather than touch the brakes… Linda was laughing at me. We missed a turn off for a state hwy. a few times so I just rolled until we slowed down long enough to pull a uturn, hilarious…

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