07/15/06. Pend Oreille Winery, Sandpoint, ID

15 Jul

A super hot day outside, perfect for a swim in that giant lake in Sandpoint, right? Wrong, we just learned that they put some nasty chemicals in the lake to kill milfoil, some kind of algae/weed. Signs are up saying it’s safe to swim, just don’t swallow any water and you’ll be fine… or maybe you won’t. What a drag, I love this lake, always sorry to hear about humans screwing up more of the earth, this hits pretty close to home, I like to think of the northwest as some of the last large stretches of good clean land ( I know it’s been mined and logged and polluted here too, but there is a lot of good land here) with many people aware of that. Whatever, it was fun to play in the winery, super mellow scene, people at the bar getting buzzed on fine locally made wine, yeah.

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