Archive | June, 2006

06/17/06. Lodge at Whitefish Lake, Whitefish, MT

17 Jun

Played a jazz show here with a drummer and a guy playing an 8 string guitar. Kinda fun to be just a saxophonist once in awhile. It’s like surfing, somebody else puts together the gig and the music, I just show up and play.

06/16/06. WLGC Restaurant, Whitefish, MT

16 Jun

This started out as a kinda lame evening, but the second set turned out quite alright. Met some interesting people here tonight.

06/13/06. Farmer’s Market, Whitefish, MT

13 Jun

It was a fine evening here at the market, always nice to play outside on the street -it reminds me of my streetplaying days. Last year when I played here there were gale force winds, and I guess we bring in the weather because with half an hour left there was lightning in the distance and we lost power cutting the evening a little short.

06/10/06. Molly Brown’s Trego, MT

10 Jun

A super evening here, and perhaps my last one as the place is for sale. The place was packed and a real good vibe in the room, thanks to all the good people who came out.