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02/17/06. Scotty’s Steakhouse, Kalispell, MT

17 Feb

My first night playing or being here. A nice room, good crowd, hopefully this will get going as a new local venue for acoustic music – I’m told it used to be a wild and crazy dance hall. Met a couple from Calgary who said they’ve been coming here for 20 years. It was cold, cold, cold tonight, down to -5 or so by midnight. Old school Montana weather, like it used to be pre global warming.

02/10/06. Whitefish Golf Club, Whitefish, MT

10 Feb

After being away from MT for almost 3 months it sure is nice to be back home. Cool looking martini-like drinks made with a little piece of dry ice that bubbles and fizzes and makes the drink smoke, for awhile, anyway. Kinda like Grampa used to drink on the Muensters.