10/13,14/05. Trego and Fortine, MT Schools

4 Oct

My first time ever playing for a school assembly and doing workshops with the kids. I had a really good time. The only negative part was having to wake up so early… I even got to eat school lunch both days. One day they had tater tots. That definitely brought back some memories. The kids were really attentive and eager to participate in the making of music. The reason I was there was because of a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, which is great, but it’s because there is no music teacher there that they try to bring in music once a month. I wish people valued music more in our culture, I find it terribly sad that music and art programs are being cut in so many schools across our nation. So it was nice, at least for these two days, to be a part of putting music back in.

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