Archive | September, 2005

9/30/05. Whitefish Lake Golf Course Restaurant, Whitefish, MT

30 Sep

My first evening doing my solo act here, I’ve played a few times as a saxophonist with a band. It’s actually a really nice gig. You’d kinda expect a golf course restaurant to be a pretty stuffy place, but not here in Whitefish. I hope that as the area grows that that doesn’t change too much.

9/3/05. Bumbershoot (Outside Busking), Seattle, WA

3 Sep

I finally brought some musical gear to this great festival to try my hand at busking. Man, it has been a long time since I’ve played on the street. Reminded me of my street playing days of yore, I kinda miss those days sometimes. For me, playing on the street is like fishing. You never know who you are going to talk to, how much $$$ you’ll make, if the cops will hassle you etc. I had fun, though it definitely wasn’t the ideal spot, and the right spot is what playing on the street is all about.