Archive | August, 2005

8/29/05. Molly Brown’s, Trego, MT

29 Aug

Yet another fine time here, nice to be playing outside on the deck.

8/27/05. Molly Brown’s, Trego, MT

27 Aug

What can I say? Yet another fine evening here, towards the end of the evening some other musicians got up to play for a few songs. Linda said to me that we had gotten the perfect sound from our gear, completely glitch-free crystal clear warm sound no problems whatsoever.

8/16/05. Enchanted Forest Festival, Near Fortine, MT

16 Aug

So this was our first year promoting our own festival. There was definitely a little bit of a fight to get it together, but it turned into a really magical evening that we hope to repeat next year. We had our opening act cancel pretty last minute, it rained off and on all day up until our scheduled performance time and last but not least I cut my nose pretty nicely while loading up. I didn’t need stitches, thankfully, and hey, my nose has even more character now. When it stopped raining, it stayed nice for the rest of the evening and the music, the now defunct Electric Mudd, was great. We got a lot of great feedback from people and Linda and I had a great time as well, so we are gonna try to do it again next summer.