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6/14/05. Whitefish Farmer’s Market, Whitefish, MT

14 Jun

Whoa – full gale force winds off the starboard bow… batten down the mizzen. We set up underneath one of those portable white tents and then the wind and a little rain – mainly wind – hit. We held onto the tent for 45 minutes or so, 3 of us, just holding it, trying to keep it from flying away. Finally we tied it to a van named Flipper (with a mobile of dolphins hanging from the rear view mirror) and waited out the storm. One of the other vendors yelled, “we need to be on a side street” cause everybody was just holding on to their tents and wares. Kind of a fun time.

6/11/05. Molly Brown’s, Trego, MT

11 Jun

A pretty relaxed evening, the rain is making us all crazy, thanks to some friends for coming out anyway, it made the evening.