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9/25/04. The Raven, Missoula, MT

25 Sep

Damn fine food here!!! I felt like I was back in Spain, small portions of very fine food, as in quality over quantity. Played to a dinner crowd tonight, fun to do every so often…gotta keep it pretty mellow, can’t rock out too much.

9/24/04. Wild Plum Arts Station, Dixon, MT

24 Sep

A quiet evening down here in Dixon, but nice. It doesn’t faze me anymore if there aren’t a lot of poeple at a show like it did in the beginning. As long as a few people are into it, I can interact with their energy and it works. Of course, it’s not the same rush as when there is a large crowd, but it’s all good.

9/18/04. Wedding, Eureka, MT

18 Sep

At the Cordwood’s

9/17/04. Molly Brown’s, Trego, MT

17 Sep

Back again, at Molly, Molly Brown’s…Inside tonight, kinda cold out there.