Archive | August, 2004

8/28 /04. County Fair, Eureka, MT

28 Aug

The moveable stage here is always bouncy, so when I get into the music I start to feel like I’m surfing. I kinda enjoyed the feeling today. Afterwards we went to The Bull Thing, a real live rodeo. I’d never been to one before, and it was kind of fun. It took like an hour for anyone to ride the bull past the buzzer.

8/27/04. Molly Brown’s, Trego, MT

27 Aug

Back at the European feeling place in the mountains of Montana, yeah. I think I’m gonna play here quite a bit, so unless something pretty eventful happens, not much to say.

8/20/04. Wedding, Lake Side, MT

20 Aug

Bruce’s Daughters

8/4/04. Molly Brown’s, Trego, MT

4 Aug

A good time here once again…