Archive | July, 2004

7/31/04. Belton Chalet, West Glacier, MT

31 Jul

They say there is a ghost that haunts room #37, I believe in the hotel. We were in the room next to it. I can’t say that we saw anything, but there was some kind of ghost in the machine going on with my electronics for the first hour of playing, and then it just went away. Maybe the ghost didn’t like the first set???

7/23,24,25/04. Arts in the Park, Kalispell, MT

25 Jul

Linda and I do sound for this so were are there all day for three days. It’s nice to get out from behind the sound board and up onto the stage for a simple set of just me and a guitar – I don’t bring all the bells and whistles anymore unless I’m playing for a few hours.

7/10/04. Wedding! The Enchanted Forest, Near Fortine, MT

10 Jul

What can I say about my wedding day without going too deeply into it…It was a great day, everything worked out perfectly, although Linda and I were pretty stressed up until the last minute. The band was great – Wawali Bonane sang in Congolese and French and it felt like we were in Africa at times, there in the woods with music drifting through the forest and the subdued light of Christmas lights strung all over. It was a great time and it didn’t rain on us, although there was a big lightning/rain storm a few miles away. We bussed our east coast family and friends up from Whitefish on a large bus, and the driver succeeded in getting the bus stuck on a dirt road… They couldn’t pull it out, so they got another one up there to bring people home and, guess what? He got that stuck too. People had a sense of humour about it, though, and eventually made it back. That’s the short version.