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8/16/03. Wedding, Belton Chalet, West Glacier, MT

16 Aug

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8/12/03. Depot Park, Kalispell, MT

12 Aug

The magic wasn’t here tonight which was a surprise, because it was there in Sandpoint. People in the audience still seemed to enjoy it, which is always a surprise as well when you’re not feeling it onstage. It was still a fun evening, just not the amazing evening we were hoping for/expecting.

8/9/03. The Bohemian Bar, Clarkston, WA

9 Aug

CANCELLED SHOW: I apologize once again for cancelling, I hate to do it, but I didn’t think our van would make it and I’m pretty sure it would’ve been a nightmare breaking down. It turns out that Big Thunder, our van, is now officially out of service. One of the motor mounts broke and that is what was causing weird vibrations and clutch failure, u joint failure etc etc. Right now, he is stuck at home in reverse, and I think I’m gonna just have him hauled away (pause to wipe my eyes and blow my nose) which is hard because he was a good friend for the last few years.

8/8/03. Eichardt’s, Sandpoint, ID

8 Aug

This was a great night for music. We only had to drive an hour from last night, so there was no stress and no rushing to make it on time which makes it hard to get into a musical space later. We saw a wreck on the highway with people lying bloody in the road, a reminder of how quickly life can be taken away from you. The bar here was nowhere near as loud as last night and people were way more responsive tonight. It was a lot of fun. And thanks to Scott for being so cool and taking us out on his boat the next day on the huge lake here. We felt like we were in the Florida Keys at one point and then the Greek islands at another point. A good time.

8/7/03. The Moontime, Coeur d’Alene, ID

7 Aug

The first night of a short tour with Tim on bass and Toby on drums. A very educational little tour for me on what it takes to keep things rolling and people transported and housed and fed and still be able to get loose and make music. It was super loud in here tonight, I think it was dollar beer night and lots of very drunk very loud college girls competing with the band, but it was a fun evening.