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7/25,26,27/03 Arts in the Park, Kalispell, MT

27 Jul

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7/14/03. The Eureka Book CO, Eureka, MT

14 Jul

A bit of a strange night for me here. I love playing at the bookstore in Eureka. I kinda felt a little too comfortable, though, and made some semi-political comments that didn’t go over too well with the majority of the people here this evening. Also, it was really hot and dry so my saxophone reed dried up and I didn’t really play it very much. So the magic wasn’t here tonight and I’m tired of expressing my anti-war and anti-police state feelings to conservative people with very different points of view. I am ever closer to not mixing my political beliefs with my music, but then again that may just be impossible…

7/12/03. The Flathead Freshwater Festival, Kalispell, MT

12 Jul

A super hot day today but a nice setting by Flathead Lake. This was more of a soundman gig, but I got to play a little bit as well, which was nice. There were some good acts here today, I particularily liked Keith Greeniger and Dayan Quai, probably spelled wrong, but they were really good.