Archive | December, 2002

12/31/02. Lily’s Backroom First Night, Great Falls, MT.

31 Dec

Tired from the dirve up from New Mexico, but it was still fun being in Great Falls, alot of things going on for the first night. Liked playing at Lily’s.

12/7/02. Pizza My Heart, Paonia, CO

7 Dec

Coming into Paonia we stopped in really great used book store and scored a few titles that we probably won’t get to read for a few months due to other stops in other used book stores. We’ve got quite the stash of knowledge at this point. Paonia looks like it should have apple trees somewhere in the area.

12/6/02. Christina’s Bar & Grill, Durango, CO

6 Dec

A journal entry about the wonders of duct tape. Yeah, Big Thunder (our van) started to shake and rattle and grumble about 5 miles outside of Durango so I ended up putting duct tape on the drive shaft to keep it from vibrating too badly because the U joint went bad. Once again, we made it to town in 2nd gear and really it was a pretty fortunate misfortune. The reapair shop actually shuttled us and our gear in a mini van to the gig. We got a motel room right across the street from the gig, and at the end of the night we wheeled our gear across the street on a luggage cart. We must have looked like homeless people with PA equipment. That’s what we felt like anyway.

12/5/02. Bongo Billy’s Salida Cafe, Salida, CO

5 Dec

Good vibes here right away. Pulling into Salida, it felt good, each town definitely has a feel to it. I was warned that thursday night wasn’t a great night to play music here, but it was fun just the same and I hope to be back here on a weekend night sometime.

12/4/02. Taos Inn, Taos, NM

4 Dec

This was a fun evening. The atmosphere was very ‘New Mexico’ and I mean that in a good way. We’ll definitely come back here again.