11/14/02. The Shop, Spokane, WA

14 Nov

My first time at The Shop – a great little room with a great vibe, that’s no surprise as the guys who run this place are very cool people. I had a good time tonight, got to hear bluesman Lyle before playing, a nice transition from driving mode to performing mode. This is a place where people really listen to the performers, and I appreciate that more and more as I tour around playing all kinds of venues. Sweet dreams and very unique cat sounds as we slept in a friend’s basement this night. Meow doesn’t really begin to put the correct sonic image in your mind as you read this. Kind of like a coyote/cat hybrid animal (that someone mated together) howling. But howling kinda softly. Speaking of hybrids, Linda and I were debating whether or not turkeys came into existence when buzzards mated with chickens…

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