Archive | November, 2002

11/30/02. Mine Shaft Tavern, Madrid, NM

30 Nov

Our van, Big Thunder, made it here just fine. When we were unloading, Linda overheard a comment about him, something like, “why do musicians always have like a million dollars in musical gear, but a van that barely runs…” Maybe Big Thunder overheard it too, or else it was just a prophetic comment – after the show he died on this really steep hill and I almost couldn’t start him again. linda had to hold the brake with her hand while I manipulated the clutch and gas. We made it up the hill and then some miles after that but then the clutch went out about 20 miles from home. Big Thunder was kind to us, though, and we made it home in 2nd gear. The next day a friend came to fix it and he got a half mile down the road before the clutch totally disintegrated and he had to tow it after that. Moral of the story? Big Thunder is not just a van, he is our friend.

11/29/02. Borders Bookstore, Alburquerque, NM

29 Nov

Playing here is kinda like playing in a library. Except it’s a bookstore. It definitely has that place of learning feel to it, I enjoyed playing and look forward to playing here again.

11/16/02. Cogswells Smoke House, Wallace, ID

16 Nov


11/15/02. Daily Grind, Pullman, WA

15 Nov

I’ve played here and written about it enough times already that I don’t really have anything to say. It was a nice evening, it pretty much always is here.

11/14/02. The Shop, Spokane, WA

14 Nov

My first time at The Shop – a great little room with a great vibe, that’s no surprise as the guys who run this place are very cool people. I had a good time tonight, got to hear bluesman Lyle before playing, a nice transition from driving mode to performing mode. This is a place where people really listen to the performers, and I appreciate that more and more as I tour around playing all kinds of venues. Sweet dreams and very unique cat sounds as we slept in a friend’s basement this night. Meow doesn’t really begin to put the correct sonic image in your mind as you read this. Kind of like a coyote/cat hybrid animal (that someone mated together) howling. But howling kinda softly. Speaking of hybrids, Linda and I were debating whether or not turkeys came into existence when buzzards mated with chickens…