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10/25,26,29/02. About those shows in ND and SD…

29 Oct

Wednesday morning we got a phone call from the Mt Rushmore Brewing Co. in Hill City, SD letting us know that it had snowed there and that things were very slow. The weekend before, when they had live music, it was pretty sad, with nobody really there. So we lost our main gig, a 2 nighter, and were’nt able to schedule anything else last minute. It’s a drag to have to cancel – we apologize to the people in Spearfish, SD and Bismark, ND if you made plans to come and see us… Sorry, sorry, but it just wasn’t practical for us financially to drive 1400 miles round trip for just 2 shows. We hope to see you next time we come through. –Greg and Linda

10/19/02. Bohemian Bar, Clarkston, WA

19 Oct

My second show with Fedis, and my first ever at Hogan’s. This is a very cool place that seems like it should be in London, or at least Seattle or something. Very cool atmosphere inside here. Little blue feathers hanging from the ceiling right over the stage and a few large African masks… some mannequin heads with glasses and assorted other stuff on the walls. You get the image. So this turned into a great show with a finale of free jamming with Fedis making cool harmonics on his bass. I hope to back here soon.

10/18/02. The Daily Grind, Pullman, WA

18 Oct

We do like this town a lot. It was good to come back here, it’s been almost a year since we were here last time. I had a good time playing here tonight and it was fun to play with Fedis from Portland on bass. I don’t usually put people’s names in this here online journal, but I don’t think he’ll mind and it’s just such a great name.

10/07/02. University of Laramie Out to lunch series, Laramie, WY

7 Oct

I like this town. People were super friendly and laid back and it’s got that college town vibe to it which I kinda like and it’s alway sunny and windy and wide open. I had fun playing in an acoustically pleasing space. I played in front of a fire place and could look up at people walking or sitting on the level above me. The sound engineers were cool and I hope to come back and play here again sometime.

10/03/02. Borders Bookstore, Alburquerque, NM

3 Oct

A neat place to play. I like playing in a room full of cd’s and posters of musicans. I’m looking forward to coming back to play again in November and hopefully it will be a busier night. I love being back in New Mexico. It’s an urban environment here in Alb., but it’s much more laid back than other American cities. I don’t eat at McDonald’s if I can help it, but sometimes on the road it can be convenient. Well, in New Mexico they put green chile on your burger and it actually has a little flavor and life to it. Imagine that.

10/01/02. Blue Dragon, Alburquerque, NM

1 Oct

My first time performing at the Blue Dragon instead of hanging out and drinking ice tea and eating pizza. Not much of a crowd here, then again I didn’t advertise at all and not many people know about the musician from Eureka, Montana down here. A few people did hang out and listened and made it a worthwhile experience for me. I need a certain amount of feedback to make it worth the time and effort. I would’ve liked more, but thanks to those people here that gave me enough to still have fun.