Archive | September, 2002

9/29/02. Cassie’s Supper Club, Cody, WY

29 Sep

Back at Cassie’s again on a mellow sunday evening. Good to see some familiar faces and eat some familiar great food. See you next time.

9/28/02. The Murray, Livingston, MT

28 Sep

So, tonight was a double booking and two of us musicians were scheduled to play and the lesson for me was that I need to start mailing out more contracts. Ahhh yes, the power of the written word. On a physical piece of paper. The owner was cool though and we still got to stay at this very nice and historical hotel and I played for part of the night with the other musician and it was fun. Great old elevator in this hotel and narrow hallways from the early part of last century.

9/27/02. Flicker’s Coffeehouse, Helena, MT

27 Sep

My second time playing at Flicker’s, it was a good night. Lots of college students here tonight, last time it was an older crowd. Some of my equipment, I’ve noticed, has an emotional moody nature. It works fine till right before the gig, then it decides not to work, so I futz with it and try not to get frustrated because it’s not supposed to conk out on me 10 minutes before performing. And then, the pattern seems to be that it works fine about 2 minutes before I have to start playing. Well, this was one of those nights.

9/23/02. Eureka Book Store, Eureka, MT

23 Sep

Ahhh the Eureka Bookstore. It’s like having everybody on your side from the beginning of the show without having to win anybody over, because you know everybody already. I can’t sing it to you online, but I’m just going to write a few of the words to the Cheers theme because it was so like that. “Where every boooddy knowsss your nammme” I don’t remember any other words, but those are enough. I like doing concerts, now. I’d love to do more of them. This was a nice Monday night. Thank you everybody for coming out.

9/20/02. Esse’s Bistro, Hayden, ID

20 Sep

This was an interesting evening. I was playing for people eating dinner, so I was background music. Was I Muzak??? I hope not… I had fun, actually, because people weren’t paying attention to me directly I could kinda experiment a little bit more than usual in an instrumental way.

9/19/02. The Moontime, Coeur d’Alene, ID

19 Sep

Back at the Moontime once again. I like this place. A pretty mellow Thursday evening, some good food, some good beer. I’m becoming less verbose. It’s just that, it’s like deja vu, it’s a different night, yet it’s just like the other night I played here, in a way.

9/18/02. Parks and Recreation Conference, Kalispell, MT Private Party

18 Sep

It’s been quite awhile since I played in a hotel. I used to do some gigs with this crazy show band that played in hotel ballroom after hotel ballroom. So this was a gig in, yup, a hotel ballroom.